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Fake snow, hey-hoMelting chocolate baublesPetrified pine needles scratch Alcohol for copingSunday best, except sweaty SantaForced smiles and unprovocativechatter Houses and faces scrubbed cleanTables laid impeccably, just soAwaiting bloating over-indulgentyawns [...]


There's always that one guy In his favourite old "Ride-or-Die" bib which cost six grand -yeah, no, thats ZA rand He yo-yo's off the front Splits the bunch up, [...]

Round 1

Virgins and the jaded strapped to their seats As pressure fills the spaces The heavyweight rumbles to position Lights dim and a nervous silence breaks the hum Deep in [...]

Product Placement 

Kids throw blazers in a heap Big dates to keep Suffocating plumes of Axe Disguising the hormone tax The ladies hide blemishes and extend eye lashes Spotify finds the [...]

Twenty Twenty Two

TikTok tales, twerking teens, tempestuous telekinetic twosome. @twinmelody. Trending tight tops, technicolour tweenaged triumphs. Truncated text, turned tweeps to twerps, till the top twit terminated. @Trump Toppled tyrant, tempus [...]

The Shadow of The Wolf

Against the walls, a dance begins The shapes are small, the edges thin The wind outside the grass unsettles The darkness climbs and begins its wrestle. Trees bend and [...]


Flesh, rent and cut. Ruptured or scalple’d. Human tissue, treated or poisoned? Searing pain. Cauterised nerve endings, designed to heal. To heal is painful. The flesh regrows, tissue scars but [...]


Paunchy, Bob and Crispy were three okes that I knew, They took the train from Germiston and jolled at boogaloos. Bob could ollie pavements on his slim banana board, Paunch [...]

A Love Song

It doesn’t matter. It’s not important. I love you. Don’t worry about it. I know that you didn’t mean to say that. It’s ok, I didn’t feel like going either. [...]

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