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Death or Divorce

It’s raining, again. The gloomy light from the partially drawn curtains filters into the room and dimly illuminates the bed. She hears me walk in, wet from cycling outside, [...]

All Dogs Go To Heaven

One month ago, to the day. The heat radiating from streets and buildings in the late afternoon sun.  Long shadows and the whisper of a breeze providing some relief, [...]

Dear Millennials

I’m not going to gold-plate this, but the brief, ‘Gold Digger’ made me shudder, to the point of complete writer’s block.  I had an instinct for the angle of [...]

Memory Lane

I find that I recount some of our irreverent conversations. I miss those the most. Nothing urgent or lifechanging about the words or the topic. The familiarity. Being able [...]


Jeremiah stirred in his bunkhouse bed. The rough blankets smelled of campfire smoke from sleeping close on the trail; he had them pulled up under his chin. His mind [...]


We all dig for gold you know. It’s how we survive. It’s how everyone’s always survived. There’s magic in the rocks. That’s what they said and that’s why we [...]


As I entered the ward, I could hear that she was on a call. I gingerly parted the curtain dividing her bed from her neighbor and found her perched [...]


MS Goodright stood in front of the floor to ceiling window, staring out into space. The lights went on behind her in the nursery, and she locked eyes with [...]


Jerry couldn’t let go of the conviction that if she found the right chatroom, she would find him waiting. He would cast his thoughts outward at the same moment [...]

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