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Dear GP,

Here’s the paperwork from our London desk. Not much to go on.

Order of Documents

  1. Letter from Prof Van Hincks
  2. Opening Speech of the QCGM by Fiona Jenkins
  3. Key note speaker address by Sir Friedrich Reinhold (missing)

No-one from AP UK or the US is using it. Maybe you can. Sounds all Illuminati to me.

Good luck and, Vaccine-Gods willing, I’ll see you at EPPs.


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1st March 2021


Dear Sirs,

Quarter Century General Meeting

My name is Rutker Van Hincks. I am 92 years old. Here are my academic credentials to avoid any insinuation that I am an attention seeking crackpot with improper motives. I am Professor Emeritus at the University of Cape Town and have been a palaeontologist for 57 years. I am a University of Witwatersrand class of ‘49 alumni, with tenures at: Kalamazoo (Michigan, USA), Kyushu University (Japan), and Universita di Torino (Italy).

Yesterday morning, February 28th, 2021, I landed in Cape Town from my annual 6-week lecture circuit of Europe, Japan and the US. I attend various symposiums on palaeontology and give lectures on Pangean carnivores – specifically the Gorgonopsia of the Permian period – before varied audiences. My itinerary was curtailed to accommodate the current contagion sweeping the planet.

Aside from my extensive contribution to scientific journals, this is the first time that I have proactively contacted the media with regard to a discovery. I fear that approaching  the Universities or any Government institution for that matter, would do a great disservice to the matter at hand.

I cannot stress this enough – THIS MESSAGE IS VERY IMPORTANT!

I discovered the attached document on the library steps of London’s School of Economics on the 28th February 2021. It is apparent to me that there exists a clandestine organisation with unlimited funding and resources called the “Quarter Century” whose purpose is an orchestrated worldwide cull. It is attached hereto without amendment or modification. I trust that its content is self-evident.

My time on earth is limited, and certainly insufficient to enable me to investigate and address these revelations. I trust that you, the recipient of this letter, will do all that is necessary to bring it to the world’s attention. Please, I urge you to utilise all of the resources at your disposal. We have seen this before. The lives of millions and the survival of our planet and species are at stake.

You need to, BY GOD, deal with it.

Attached are my references should you wish to test the veracity of my stated credentials or sanity, while it lasts and while I remain.

Yours faithfully,

Professor Emeritus Rutker Van Hincks


  • Professor JB Stefaans (UCT)
  • Dean of Faculty, Nathaniel Kench (WITS University)
  • Dr Henry Stevens (Kalamazoo, Michigan)
  • Kobayashi-kyoju (Kyushu University)
  • Professore Marco di Natale (Universita di Torino).




[check makeup, dignitaries seated, crowd lights dimmed, red record button on]

Welcome everyone especially all the new faces in the room. Thank you all for attending the 32nd Quarter Century General Meeting. Those 500 years have just flown by haven’t they? [wait for laughter to settle].

What a weekend! [The weather was fantastic! OR London weather sucks!]

For those who didn’t choose yesterday’s paintball option, my name is Fiona Jenkins, and I will be your MC. Not Mistress of Ceremonies as Clive suggested at yesterday’s gin and cocktails(!), but the Madame of Ceremonies, or for those young bachelors out there, the Mademoiselle of Ceremonies. [wait for laughter to settle].

Do we have a line up for you!

  • Philanthropist Bill Gates – From Windows to Malaria-Warfare: genetically modifying the mosquito in my Silicon Valley garage.
  • CEO Mark Zuckerberg – How to use a dorm room Social Media start-up to fuel your own Arab Spring.
  • Investment Icon Warren Buffet – The correlation between iconising greed for an unsustainable lifestyle and dysentery.
  • CEO Bill W. Reilly Jnr of Northrop Grumman – No Weapons, No War. My humanitarian mission to keep weapon production numbers up and the population down.
  • Dr Felicity Hernandez-Smith, VP of Marketing at Coca Cola – Coke won’t kill you immediatly, and that’s good. A lifetime of pushing refined sugar to the common man. (Breakaway focus group: Coronary Episode Syndrome doesn’t just happen by itself).
  • Dr Arnold Zeitgeisterman, Head of the Zurich Institute for the treatment of Depression – Advanced diagnostic techniques to treat clients’ depression with drugs far more powerful than alcohol and barbiturates (*he has halved his client load).
  • Dr Deshmukh from Stats India – Lessons from the Ganges: A Success Story. How one contaminated river can keep the population down for two hundred years.

QC comes once every 25 years so let’s make the most of it!

We are incredibly grateful to the QC chapter of the London School of Economics for hosting us here at the majestic Peacock Theatre. What a change from the debauchery of Istanbul in ’96! Just kidding Murat!! It was a fantastic shindig. [check if Murat is in the theatre or still loading up at the bar]

[Serious]. This is my first year as host of Club QC and, as many of you know, I am the second grand daughter of the late Sir Malcolm, who was unfortunately taken as part of the recent COVID cull. Sir Malcolm was known for his many contributions to the QC. He is best known from his book:

Sir Malcolm Jenkins – Pageantry, People and Pestilence.

A life of Service with the old salties of the QC banditry.

Books are on sale outside. If you have the Pandemic Package there’s a signed copy in your welcome pack. The latest edition includes a centrefold blue print for conducting coordinated belligerency, catastrophies and general atrocitologies in your own city. [Mention the canapes].

In a moment, Sir Reinhold and his VP, Mrs Blessing, will kickstart this year’s QC, but first I would like take this down a notch [inside voice].

Let’s get real. [pause. Scan the room. Take a breath.]

Here’s my brief overview of the last 25 years.

As you know, World Statistics have forecast an increase in the world’s 2021 population. Numbers are rising. Despite last year’s COVID release and the coordinated efforts of our leaders (there’s only so much President Trump and Prime Minister Johnson can do), we were unprepared for the backdraft effect that staying at home would have on curtailing road deaths and other social ailments (the common flu, bar fights, STDs etc), which historically have kept numbers under control.

Despite good traction in key areas: COVID, bushfires and AI, there have been criticisms:

  • Yes, COVID was a great idea. Who doesn’t love a pandemic? They’ve worked in the past but this does not mean they will work in the future.
  • US and Australian bushfires were innovative but insufficiently effective.
  • Unmanned cars are elegant (always thinking out the box Elon!), but who can afford a Tesla? [check if Elon is linked up via Zoom!]

Today, alackaday, we announce yet another downward projection of our targets. Overpopulation is on the rise. Perhaps, being here in February, we should think of a winter-sports image:

If the world death rate were a rider on a luge, she would have been moving at a relatively high speed last year, but alas the slope became steeper. Still a good luge track: good lubrication, tight lines, but it’s getting a little harder to keep up the pace.

So does that mean we are facing a sardine run like we did post WW2? Does it?

[Maybe pump fist to build up crowd. No! No! chant if mood suits]

The answer is an emphatic ‘NO’—but risks are there. Add to this the geopolitical worries of cleaner water in Africa and you have an economic picture with a clear message:

Grind the bastards down or expect a surge in the populus. [pause for effect]

We are under attack from all sides: technological advancements and the cacophony of the world’s bleeding hearts who forget that the industrial revolution and music festivals were created to destabilise, not fertilise, the proletariat.

The QC community must come together to build a brighter future for all QC membership, to propagate our vision of “a new elite elitism.” Our full investment is prescient in order to pave A New Elite Elitism for centuries to come. [Tracey from HR will drum up applause]

With this in mind, let me turn you over to Sir Friedrich Reinhold, who will walk us through some simple coordinated micro strategies for you to manage your own civilian population. His lecture has the quirky title, “Positive lessons from the Lehman Brothers, the Pied Piper of Hamlin, and the Slave Trade”. Sounds fab!

And I’ll see you all later at mini golf!

Sir Friedrich – over to you.

[if mood suits, mention Karl and the Communists (Marimba band) as evening entertainment]

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