This thing, this thing…..this thing
Language has no word that can define it
This thing, birthed as an emotional reaction
That banded friends to support a family eviscerated
This thing, began as a simple gesture
First to ride as chickens, only to be obstructed
No worries, ride as COWS
This thing, it was going to be a ride, maybe raise some shells
This thing, has a life of its own
All obstacles made it stronger
This thing, collected souls, provided a home and a family
This thing, matured into eccentricity as Il Mago fashioned costumes
Bringing heart and the Carnival
This thing, like a pandemic spreading through contact
Offering resistance to burgeoning societal selfishness
This thing, invites spandex clad warriors into places of worship
Initial stares of disrespect contextualized into the ultimate symbol of friendship
This thing, captures hollowness behind the gaze
This thing, takes us to the darkest of places
Cut of material hierarchies, reduced to our naked selves
This thing, where prowess is not measured by speed but willingness to sacrifice
Captured, eloquently, in the image of a push
This thing, magnifies presence when even the strongest buckle
This thing, this thing
The euphoric feeling of crossing the line with your people
The lactic-acid induced nirvana
This thing, when mother nature pitches every excuse to throw in the towel
It is never an option
For the team armored in the threads of the adventurer
Etched together under the cry
It is a great day to fight so F……..cancer
Pain, passion, suffering, selflessness, love, ……… oh to create! ….LIFE.
This thing, this thing…..this thing.

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