Against the walls, a dance begins
The shapes are small, the edges thin
The wind outside the grass unsettles
The darkness climbs and begins its wrestle.

Trees bend and route across the grounds
Walls close in on darkening shadows
Shape and structure take to life and sharp
teeth and wide jaws hold their flight.

She knocks now, not just a shadow
A large paw with long sharp claws
Scraps five scars into the floor.
The shadow of a gnarling creature
Is on you now from through the window.

You drew the curtains, but just a gap
The lamp, the rug, and your knapsack
She stumbles now and fades a little
The growing dawn the sound of birds
Interrupt her deadly form.

The light outside calls her home
She turns and groans and limbless now
Dissipates across the lounge.

Night will bring yet another beast
The stars will move the tress replete with
Shadows that carry all that is passed
The shadow within is the one that lasts.

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